What’s New 》 Pet Rescue Program

Pet Rescue Program

(Available in Mainland China & Singapore markets only)

Doctors Beck and Stone in Mainland China and ARVRC in Singapore provide the following discount for rescue pets:

- 10% discount on retail products  

- 15% discount on medicine 

- 20% discount on service  


(Available in Hong Kong market only)

We believe in putting patients first and ensuring that all animals are treated with respect, whilst ensuring their welfare is never compromised.

Rescuing a pet is a very rewarding way to contribute to your local community and provide abandoned or stray animals with the essential vaccinations, treatments, and care they deserve. It's also a way to counteract the impact of illegal or poor breeding practices that contribute to overpopulation, spreading disease, and can often result in animals being abandoned, or even worse killed.

At Doctors Beck & Stone, we believe clients who rescue a pet should be rewarded for their generosity. We understand that you may not have planned to rescue, which is why we offer discounts on services and products for the first three months since your first appointment, or until the pet is rehomed (whichever is first).

If you know somebody who has recently rescued a pet or you have rescued a pet yourself, then speak to your local clinic today and they will ensure you are entitled to our pet rescue discount.