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Current Campaigns


Date Promotions Clinic Status
Feb 2019 Dental Month                       

The Ark Veterinary Hospital

Feb 2019 Wellness Plan Causeway Bay Animal Clinic On-going
Feb 2019 Dental Month    Tung Chung Animal Clinic On-going
Feb 2019 Wellness Plan Hong Kong Vet Centre On-going


Previous Campaigns 

Nov-Dec 2018    Desexing Package (Tseung Kwan O Veterinary Hospital)    Ended  
Nov 2018        Nov Special Discount (The Aim Animal Clinic)         Ended
Oct 2018         Pawsmen Movie Tickets Giveaway                         Ended
Aug 2018       Dental Month                                                        Ended
Jun 2018            Doctors Beck & Stone x 99Bus Sai Kung Beach Playday Ended  
May 2018       Tung Chung Animal Clinic House Call Promotion Ended
May 2018        Movie Tickets Giveaway                                          Ended


Current Campaigns

Jan-Feb 2019 Wellness Culture plan                                                  On-going


Previous Campaigns

Oct 2018 The new IDEXX SDMA (Kidney Test)                 Ended 
Aug 2018 Announcement of the New Endoscopy Service       Ended  
 Apr 2018 Spring Time Dental Promotion                                  Ended  




May 2018    Pet Health Club (Shanghai)                                          on going
Aug 2018      Suzhou Referral Programme                                                on going