Pet grooming

We offer pet grooming services in selected clinics in Mainland China. Please contact your local clinic for availability.

All of our groomers are specialized in hand-scissoring of terriers, poodles, and cats.







Our Service

Each bathing session includes:

  • A relaxing bath, which includes a full body massage where we check for lumps, bumps, bugs and any irregularities
  • Clipping and filing of nails
  • Ear cleaning and plucking
  • Gland expression, if needed

Grooming styles include breed standard, puppy cut, sporting look, and creative grooming.

 Our Products

All of our groomers use #1 All Systems dog shampoos, which are specially designed to prevent tears and are hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

We also use FURminator professional grooming tools, which are specially designed for pet grooming and are effective at treating matting, knots, and hairballs.

Prior to the grooming session, our groomeres will carry out a basic pre-grooming health check, which includes a skin check to ensure that your pet’s skin is healthy and suitable for grooming.

Bundle Grooming Package

We offer a pre-payment discount for regular bookings.

  • Book 10 treatments and save 20%
  • Book 20 treatments and save 25%