Pet boarding

Doctors Beck & Stone provides boarding services at selected locations in Mainland China only- please contact your local clinic for availability.

All of our boarding facilities are air-conditioned at 22-24C (72-75F); are fully ventilated, heated and equipped with air filters, which are replaced regularly.

When your pet arrives for boarding, they will be checked by a member of the medical team.

We also recommend arranging a bath appointment once a week for every week your pet boards with us, and on the last day of boarding.


When your dog boards with us, we ensure they are given three 20 minute walks on a double-leash every day (weather permitting), unless agreed otherwise with you based on the pet’s health condition, age, or breed.


Cats enjoy playtime three times a day for 20 minutes each time.

All pets who board with Doctors Beck & Stone are fed Royal Canin/Royal Feline food, or the preferred food as agreed with the pet owner.

 24-hour care

Our clinics are staffed throughout the night to provide 24-hour cover and there is always a veterinarian on emergency duty.

 Dental Care

We will provide daily teeth cleaning at your request. Please remember to bring your pet’s toothbrush and preferred (pet-specific) toothpaste to the clinic. If your pet has any dental problems, we recommend discussing this with one of our veterinarians beforehand to organize a professional dental treatment, as tooth brushing may not be appropriate.

 Bordetella/Kennel Cough

Please note that dogs will need to have had a kennel cough vaccination before boarding at a Doctors Beck & Stone clinic. For more information on vaccination, read here.

Regular updates whilst your away

Our team will send you photos of your pet by email whilst you are away so you can be sure your pet is being well looked after.

During busy periods, we may occasionally ask for your approval to transfer your pet from one clinic to another Doctors Beck & Stone clinic. No additional cost will be charged for this and all of our clinic boarding facilities are held to the same high standard. Our vehicles are equipped with specially designed transportation cages to ensure your pet enjoys a comfortable and safe ride.

Download the boarding registration form here.