Pet Health Club

Pet Health Club















Thousands of pet owners are already part of the Pet Health Club and are enjoying the benefits of affordable veterinary care each year.

Join the club. Save money. Keep your pet healthy and happy for longer.

(Available in Mainland China and Hong Kong only)

The Pet Health Club is a wellness package that saves you money on essential treatments, procedures, vaccinations, and tests for 12 months, helping you to be the responsible owner your pet deserves.

As a Pet Health Club member, you’ll receive:

  • 15% discount on dentistry, radiography screening, and neutering services with our consultant veterinarians
  • Annual vaccinations
  • Regular blood tests as required
  • Comprehensive health checks twice a year
  • As well as free unlimited veterinary consultations

Unlike pet insurance, we don’t exclude pets who have pre-existing conditions or are over a certain age.


Pet health Club is available for specific branches, ask your vet about it at your local clinic today