SNAP & extra discount for neutering

In order to support pet owners who are in financial hardship, the SPCA runs a Spay Neuter Assistance Programme (SNAP) that offers discount vouchers on desexing procedures at participating veterinary clinics. We are happy to announce that qualifying clients can redeem their vouchers at all Doctors Beck & Stone clinics in Hong Kong. Find your nearest veterinary clinic here.

Thousands of unwanted animals are born in Hong Kong because of accidental mating by unneutered pets. As a result, there are more and more stray dogs wandering the streets with no home. Find out more about the SPCA Mission Zero programme here:

All pets should be neutered to prevent the increase of unwanted offspring. Neutering can also provide positive health benefits such as preventing transmission of canine transmissible general tumour (TVT). Read our article on this for more information.

Additional discount for clients at Hong Kong Veterinary Centre

Hong Kong Veterinary Centre in Wan Chai will also provide an additional HK$100 discount when you bring your pet to this clinic only.


How does it work?

Hong Kong Veterinary Centre will provide an additional discount of HK$100 on top of the SNAP voucher. For example, if a desexing procedure costs HK$1,000 and a SNAP voucher is worth HK$300, we will provide a second discount of HK$100, meaning you only pay HK$600 for the procedure. Please note that the specific cost of the procedure will be quoted to you in the clinic.

Terms and Conditions

The offer is only redeemable at Hong Kong Veterinary Centre in Wan Chai and is not available at or transferable to any other clinic within the Doctors Beck & Stone group. Clients can’t select a specific veterinarian. Procedures must be carried out on the first Wednesday of each month (subject to availability). The animal must be “routine” i.e. not in-season/pyometra or subject to any other complications. Cryptorchid males can participate, however with an additional charge.

For more SPCA conditions on the use of vouchers:, please visit SPCA.

Hong Kong Veterinary Centre 

G/F, 12A Kennedy Street, Wanchai

Tel. : 2520 2373

*it's only applicable in Hong Kong Market