Pet taxi

Travelling to clinic with a pet can often be difficult on public transport, where pets are usually not allowed, and many taxis don’t accept animals travelling in their vehicles, which can make it difficult for you to take your pet to the clinic.

Doctors Beck & Stone provides transportation to and from selected clinics in China and Hong Kong, specially equipped with cages to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable. Our uniformed drivers will come to your home in our branded vehicle and take you and your pet to the clinic, and back again if required.

Contact your local clinic to arrange a pet pick-up.


*New* Pet taxi in Singapore

Pet transport in Singapore Pet Mate taxi

Doctors Beck & Stone is able to offer exclusive rates on pet transportation to clients travelling to the Animal Recovery Veterinary Referral Center in Singapore, courtesy of PetMate.

Clients can download the app and use offer code DRBNS16 to book a pet pick-up to and from the clinic.

  • One-Way: SG$20
  • Round-Trip: SG$40

*PetMate is an independent company and assumes all responsibility for booking, transportation, and payment of the service. Doctors Beck & Stone does not guarantee or accept liability for the service.