Cancer services

Cancer can affect animals just as it can affect humans and it’s a difficult time for anybody living through it. At Doctors Beck & Stone, we provide both surgical treatment and chemotherapy options for pets who are suffering with cancer.

 Identifying signs of cancer in pets

Masses or lumps can be identified by regularly checking your pet’s body. If your pet is a healthy weight you should be able to feel irregularities by feeling their body, but if your pet is bigger than normal, then you may need to gently apply more pressure to feel for lumps.

If you believe you have found something that is of concern, then we advise you to consult our veterinarians as soon as possible to determine whether it is cancerous. This can often involve testing depending on what the veterinarian determines from the examination.


The aim of chemotherapy should be seen as a way to prolong and improve the quality of life for your pet, rather than a cure. The amount of chemotherapy given to an animal is different to that of humans and so most pets don’t suffer from the side effects we typically associate with treatment, such as hair loss and nausea.

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