Pet Care Advice 》 Sarah and Hector's Pet Story

Living in the Chaoyang district of Beijing, Kindergarten teachers, Sarah and Hector, rescued all three of their dogs from the street. Today, they share their home with Charlie (5), Lola (4), and Gabriel (8).

“We hadn’t planned on adopting”, said Sarah, “but then we found Charlie and decided that we would only adopt one. When we found Lola, we sent her out for adoption, but we missed her immediately, so we took her back!”

For Sarah and Hector, getting enough time with their dogs is always a challenge, particularly as they’re both also undertaking study alongside work.

“We want to spend as much time as possible with them but we both work full time and study. We make the dogs our priority, making sure at least one of us is home with them on evenings and weekends.”

It’s an instinct that comes from looking after rescue dogs in particular, as Sarah explains:

“Watching the dogs after they have first been rescued. They are tired; it’s so hard on the streets. But when they come into a home and get some food and a comfortable bed, they usually sleep for a day or two and they just look so relieved.”

In the case of Gabriel, who has kidney problems and takes daily medication, the couple are looking to rehome him long-term with a family.

“Gabriel is very old and unwell so he needs care and attention. He sleeps a lot and doesn’t like other dogs to be near him outside, but he is becoming used to Charlie and Lola.”

Providing a warm and loving home for their dogs has meant the couple have been able to enjoy some moments of comedy and mischief along the way. Sarah explains how Charlie once ripped a hole in a blanket, leaving Lola in disarray!

“In the middle of the night, we woke up and our little dog Lola was moving around under the cover frantically but I couldn’t see her. Turns out, she got under the cover and in her sleep moved into the ripped part and was stuck inside. Charlie was just watching like she had done it deliberately!”

As the dogs’ birthdays are unknown, due to them being rescued, the couple are planning to host a birthday party for them, complete with dog birthday cake, gifts, and a walk down to the river, before picking up a “puppychino” to celebrate.

“Having found them and having experienced bringing them in off the street, and then getting them healthy, that makes them special to us because they are like our children now.”

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