Pet Care Advice 》 Price Adjustment in Singapore

Our pets are our lifelong, loyal companion. Everyone likes pet to get off with a healthy start. At Doctors Beck & Stone, we believe it's our responsibility to help pet owners provide a long, happy, and healthy life for their pets. 

We are introducing a vaccination consultation of SGD35 (plus vaccinations), and are reducing our neutering, and ultrasound fees by up to 20%. To ensure that patients with long term illnesses get the very best of care repeat hospital stays will also be discounted by 20%. 

If you would like to book an appointment or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Launch Of Our Pet Health Club Very Soon !

We are excited to announce the launch of our 3 new preventive healthcare plans,which have been specifically designed by our veterinarians to provide all of the essential services and treatments your pet needs throughout the year.

Over 12 months, the Pet Health Club can help you save over 30%1 on your regular pet costs1, and unlike pet insurance, there are no exclusions on any pre-existing health conditions your pet may have. We will have more information shortly. Stay tuned to our website!






Only $35 (after GST) For Your Pre-Vaccination Consultation

(Plus the cost of your selected vaccine)

A rabies vaccination is not required in Singapore; however, other vaccinations are required for license, boarding and other activities. With our affordable vaccine package, your pet is entitled to 

  • Pre-vaccination Examination
  • Vaccination Advice

It's important that you keep up to date with your pet's vaccinations and also conform with local laws that require certain vaccinations to be administered. Consult our veterinarians today!

Keep your pet healthy with Neutering/Spaying

To reward the responsible pet owners, we offer 15% price reduction2 for all spays and neuters. Help us control the population and help your pet to live longer and healthier

Neutering/Spaying offers lifelong health benefit with minimal hospitalization. Consult our veterinarians today!

Save 20% Price Reduction for Ultrasound and Repeat Hospital Treatment 











1 Annual savings based on estimated average usage per client per pet. Actual savings may vary depending on usage. PHC should be excluded from charity discounts. See website for further terms and conditions.

2 Terms and Conditions : Vaccine and medication are subject to veterinarian's decision and stock availability. All promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions & charity discounts at the same time.  Animal Recovery Veterinary Referral Center (Doctors Beck & Stone) has final discretion