Pet Care Advice 》 Practical ways to prepare for a heat wave!

Bring enough water

In summer, dogs should drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. Pet owners should keep water bottles clean by regularly changing the bottle. When walking your dog, it’s important to bring drinking containers because they need to keep hydrated to reduce body heat in the hot weather. Cool water is fine but not ice water, as this can stimulate the digestive system. Adult dogs’ bodies are made up of about 60% water, whereas puppies have a higher proportion of body fluid, so ensuring that your dog is well hydrated is a real necessity to keep their bodies functioning normally.


Diet and hygiene in summer

Bacteria in dog bowls thrive in moist environments. Leftovers should be cleaned up after a meal, otherwise mildew can grow. Reduce the amount of dog food kept in storage to prevent the breeding of bacteria if the storage place is not cool and dry.


Parasite prevention

Parasites are more active in summer. As they thrive in the fur and hair of your pet, untreated infestations can lead to hair loss, itching, severe rashes, pustules etc. Although it is not a pleasant thing to do, you should also pay attention to your dog’s anal glands, as friction with the ground can cause anal cystitis or perianalitis, which need to be secreted. Giving regular baths, cutting nails, and clearing earwax will help to keep the dog clean. During high temperatures, your dog’s metabolism will also be more active, resulting in more secretions and therefore requiring more bathing in summer months. Using a special bath liquid can help get rid of the body odor, as well as protecting the fur and preventing the growth and reproduction of parasites in the hair.