Pet Care Advice 》 What Should I Do If My Pet Has Lots Of Ear Discharge Or Dry Itchy Skin?

"Interestingly, (parts of) ears are parts of the skin, so probably ears’ problem is skin problem, so I see a lot of ear problem as well. It’s really not normal for your dog or cat having lots of discharge from ears, and certainly they should not scratch them. So If you notice this symptoms, and you should certainly take your pet to vet and check for any allergy problem

Again, dry itchy skin is not normal, so if your pet is scratching them, you should take to the vet and see why they could be scratching. Of course the most common cause of itching them is allergy but there are other conditions which can cause itchiness as well, so the best thing to do is to see a vet, and they do think it’s an allergy they can recommend vary treatments, maybe some lotions or some oil to improve condition of the skin but they may not the only treatment which would work."