Pet Care Advice 》 Moulting

What is moulting?

Moulting is a periodic shedding of the cuticle in arthropods or the outer skin, which is regulated by hormones, occurs throughout the animal kingdom. It includes the shedding and replacement of horns, hair, skin, and feathers. This process generally occurs once or twice a year. In some instances, it can happen a third time, but this is not very common. Animals moult to get rid of old, damaged, or extra hair. Animals grow a heavy coat in the winter to help insulate themselves and then shed the extra hair in the summer.

Tips on how to live with moulting at home

All pets shed hair – it is a completely natural and healthy bodily function. Even hairless and non-shedding dog breeds moult to a certain extent. Excessive shedding can effect allergy sufferers greatly, and shed hairs can stick to clothes and furniture, making them difficult to clean.

One of the methods to reduce trouble from moulting is through regular brushing. To control moulting, you will need to brush your pet on a weekly, if not daily basis during moulting season. Regular brushing reduces falling hair – the more hair you remove with a brush the less hair you will see around the house. Other methods to consider includes using designated shampoo, bath brushes and putting fatty acids in the pet’s diet, as fatty acids enhance and nourish dog coats very effectively.

Tips for living with pets if you have asthma

Many precautions could be taken for pet owners who have asthma. First, the owner should vacuum frequently, as vacuuming can control pet dander (a possible allergen which comes from the shedding of pet hair) and hair inside the house. Pet’s access into bedrooms should also be controlled. Keeping pets out of the bedroom or limited to certain rooms in the house are ways to coexist and still create an allergen-free space for owners. It is also important to keep their cages as clean as possible, if the pet lives in a cage. As for products, shampoos and sprays that neutralize dander also helps. But most primarily, owners should make sure that their pets are the main cause of the asthma before making any major decisions, like re-homing your pets.