Pet Care Advice 》 Monica's Pet Story

Monica has been living in Discovery Bay for over a decade and has raised dogs for many years. Now she lives with two lovely dogs, Patches- a mixed Chihuahua, and Sassy, a mongrel.

Monica advocates pet adoption from shelters instead of purchasing from breeders.

"It’s very cruel to see those puppies abandoned after breeding at the puppy mill. Leftover puppies will be abandoned if no one wants them. This causes problems with stray dogs because they haven’t been neutered."

On what potential dog owners should consider when adopting, Monica reflects on her own experience.

"Whenever I’ve adopted a dog, I’ve brought them to the clinic for a medical examination to check the skin and other standard checks like heart and lung function. Ensuring the pet is thoroughly examined can help to detect and treat disease."

From fostering to adoption, Monica has faced a lot of challenges, particularly with Sassy. In addition to skin problems, Sassy also has separation anxiety.

“She scratches the furniture if left on her own or even with her canine friends. She wouldn’t stop even he started to bleed. She needs medication regularly. We also have a helper who takes care of her.” Thanks to Monica’s love and care, Sassy’s skin problem is improving, and she has even become Animal Asia‘s Doctor Dog to help those in need.

Both Sassy and Patches have their unique personalities, but who is the most energetic? According to Monica, Patches is more active while Sassy is well-behaved, and she’s now become a hiking companion for one of Monica’s friends.

“When we’d only had her for about a month, my friend took Sassy for a hike nearby. When we were near the hillside, Sassy ran off the leash and found her way home. Luckily, a kind lady saw her roaming and contacted me after seeing the name tag on her neck.”

Nowadays, a walk round the neighbourhood provides a good opportunity to catch up with friends.

Every time we go for a walk, the dogs make new friends, and so do I. We share our experiences and tips for taking care of them.”

Wherever they are, Monica firmly believes in her dogs’ ability to provide unconditional love and loyalty to humans.

“They stay by my side for better or worse, for richer or poorer and in health. When I am sad, they always stand by me.” And with Monica now learning to play the piano, Sassy remains as supportive as ever.

“All of my dogs run away during practice because of the bum notes but Sassy is the one that stays with me. She’s my very first fan!”

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