Pet Care Advice 》 Keeping your pet safe in hot weather

In this part of the world, temperatures can rise dramatically the sun can be intense throughout the day.

Your pet may be at risk of overheating, so here are our tips for helping your pet stay safe in hot weather.

Give your pet plenty of fresh, clean water and make sure there is a shaded place where they can cool off when the sun is out.

  1. Be careful not to over-exercise your pet, as this raises their temperature 
  2. Avoid taking your pet outside in extreme heat during the daytime
  3. Schedule a check-up with your veterinarian and have your pet tested for heartworm if they aren’t already being given yearly preventative medication
  4. Look out for symptoms of overheating:
    1. Excessive panting
    2. Breathing difficulties
    3. Increased heart rate
    4. Weakness or collapsing
    5. In extreme cases, body temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, seizures, bloody diarrhea and vomiting
  5. Pay extra attention to pets with flat faces like pugs or Persian cats, as they can’t pant as effectively as other breeds, making it harder for them cool down
  6. Ensure your dog doesn’t mistake swimming pools for drinking water. Chlorine and other chemicals can be poisonous and aren’t suitable for drinking
  7. Trimming your dog’s long hair is OK, but avoid shaving them. The layers of their coat actually protect them from overheating and sunburn
  8. Try to avoid taking your pet for walks on asphalt, particularly when the sun is out. The tar can heat up very quickly and as your pet is closer to the ground, it can heat their body, as well as burn their paws
  9. And of course, never leave a pet in a parked vehicle as temperatures can be significantly higher inside the car and can lead to heatstroke. It is also illegal in many regions