Pet Care Advice 》 Geriatric dogs & cats and dental disease

When our animals reach a mature age they suffer like us from age related diseases.


YES, dental disease.

Our animals suffer, like us, from bleeding gums (gingivitis), tooth aches, tooth abscesses, chipped or broken teeth and bad breath.

They still eat, they still play, they still wag their tail however they still suffer from dental disease that causes them pain and discomfort.

Small breed dogs develop dental problems much faster compared to larger breeds.

How do you know that your animal suffers from dental disease?

Have you ever brushed your cats or dogs teeth?



dental dog cat

Your pets will suffer from dental disease in their old age.

Lift the lip - look at their teeth and smell their breath

dental tooth pet dog

Does you dog suffer from such bad breath that you want to move into another home?

Can you see any teeth? Are they covered with calculus – a brown layer ? This is periodontal disease.

Is there pus? Are the teeth mobile or loose? Adult teeth do not fall out naturally.

Then your pet is definitely in pain!

Red, bloody gums in your cat? This is painful and needs dental attention

Do you see broken teeth? This can be painful and causes infection.

Does your dog or cat bite your when you want to touch their head or get close to their mouth?

You may think this behaviour change is because of their age - a grumpy old dog or cat?

They might be in pain and discomfort!

It is time to see your veterinarian. Ask for a full mouth examination with dental X-ray to get a correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment for dental disease.

No animal deserves to live with pain

Credit : Dr. Claudia Moores (Doctors Beck and Stone - Discovery Bay North)