Pet Care Advice 》 Spend and save with a deposit card



Plus, save up to 10% on retail products before 31st August when you buy a deposit card at your local veterinary clinic (Mainland China only- excludes Shanghai).




Grooming Discount

Retail Discount

RMB 2,000 10% 2%
RMB 5,000 15% 5%
RMB 8,000 20% 10%
RMB 10,000 25% 10%


Terms and Conditions:

  • The deposit amount can be used to offset the costs each time you visit  in addition to further discounts, including grooming and retail products.
  • Deposit card value cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions at the same time. 
  • Clients who participate in separate promotions cannot use the deposit card at the same time.
  • Clients using the Grooming Discount Card cannot transfer the value to the deposit card.
  • Doctors Beck & Stone has final discretion.