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Doggies Playgroup

Cage-free, Clean, Safe, + Full medical back-up


Burning energy is not the only reason to bring your buddy to our center. Socialization is also vital, meaning you will have a polite dog at home during gathering and meeting another buddy on the public.

Itinerary throughout the day that caters for energy release and socialisation skills, mind games to stimulate canine intellect, and a finalfree romp before going home.


Contact us for a trial or learn more:

2520 2373





Energy Release
One-on-one walk/run (+/- 1 hour per session)

Play and Learn
- Socialisation
- Toy and pal stimulation

- All time human supervision
- Comfort zone
- *Regular feeding time
- Cage free

*Food not provided





Entry Requirement:

Buddies should be at least 4 months old, spayed or neutered (if over six months), up to date vaccination of: Rabies, DHPPiL, Bordetella and on regular heartworm prevention. They also should be in good health, flea/tick free, and friendly to dogs.


Doggies come to our playgroup for more than10 days will get a Playgroup Handbook. With our day time supervision, we maybe able to tell health conditions before sickness happen through behavours.   

Package Detail:

Half- day session: 09:00 – 13:00

- Walk x 1 Play & Learn

Full-day session: 09:00 – 19:00 

- Walk x 2
- Play & Learn
- 10% off for all clinic services on the same day