Our story

When Dr Anthony Beck and Dr Torren Stone founded their first veterinary clinic in 2009, attitudes toward pet ownership and animal welfare were undergoing a fundamental shift in China. The days of viewing animals as mere possessions were numbered, and a new, enlightened pet owner was beginning to emerge.

As the number of companion animals continued to grow dramatically- some sources suggest there are 100 million pets in China today, growing 10% each year- demand for international standard veterinary medicine was simply underserved, resulting in many new pet owners being unable to provide adequate access to preventative healthcare.

Bringing together highly trained veterinarians from across the globe and providing them with ongoing professional development, Doctors Beck & Stone quickly built a reputation for clinical excellence and high quality care; so much so that pet owners began to request our services across China, and one pet clinic quickly turned into 10 animal hospitals across Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.

Whilst putting the welfare of our patients first and advancing the field of veterinary medicine in Asia have been the cornerstones of our journey, we believe that supporting local communities to become responsible pet owners through education and outreach is critical to our preventative healthcare approach. That’s why we can often be seen at local community events; delivering workshops to local schools; and sponsoring charity activities, where our veterinarians are regularly on hand to offer advice and information.

In the last two years, we have expanded our services into Hong Kong and Singapore, where we have quickly become one of the leading providers of veterinary care, noted for our advanced medical facilities and level of service.

Today, we remain committed to helping pet owners provide a long, happy, and healthy life for their pets, wherever they may be.