Our vets in Singapore

Doctors Beck & Stone provide veterinary services at the Animal Recovery Veterinary Referral Centre, one of Singapore's most advanced veterinary hospitals. With state-of-the-art surgical and therapeutic facilities, the ARVRC occupies a four storey site in Little India, and has recently undergone an extensive renovation.

We are pleased to offer 24-hour emergency veterinary assistance in Singapore.


Animal Recovery Veterinary Referral Center (Singapore)

466 Serangoon Road, Singapore, 218 225

Telephone: +65 6252 2623

Dr. Jean- Paul Ly BVSc.

ARVRC founder and Senior Vet

Dr. Floriane Thierry
Dr. Cheryl Tay BVSc
Dr. Eunice Chan
Dr. Sabine Bozon

Dr. Sylvia Tan

(Moved to Hong Kong)





Rates and Charges


Male (small) $217.61
Male (medium) $284.99
Male(large) $350.12
Male (Xlarge) $422.79
Female(small) $260.00
Female (medium) $320.00
Female (large) $403.45
Female (Xlarge) $529.46
Male  $82.95
Female  $182.60


Referral or SrVIP US - Ultrasounds Services

Ultrasound thorax scan $171
Abdominal ultrasound - portosystemic shunt $325

Ultrasound - Abdominal - Recheck < 2 months

Ultrasound - Pregnancy $127
Ultrasound - Thyro / parathyroid $185
Ultrasound abdominal scan $295
Ultrasound basic echocardiography $340
Ultrasound basic repeat echocardiography < 2months $218
Ultrasound doppler echocardiography $440
Ultrasound guided abdominocentesis        per 15 mins *to charge additional if more time is required. $65
Ultrasound guided biospy (without anesthesia) $232
Ultrasound guided cystocentesis $41
Ultrasound guided Fine Needle Aspirate $100
Ultrasound guided thoracocentesis $110
Ultrasound Opthalmic ocular $137
Ultrasound single organ $100
Ultrasound Urinary Tract Scan $137
Ultrasound urogenital scan $184
Ultrasound Extended Session Charge TBA
Ultrasound Guided Pericardiocenthesis per 15 mins $400



Remark : 

All prices are excluding GST and do not include take home medications, if necessary.

*There is a 25% surcharge for senior consultants for de-sexing.Additional charge of about $400 for JPL to perform de-sexing procedures.