Our vets in Singapore

Doctors Beck & Stone provide veterinary services at the Animal Recovery Veterinary Referral Centre, one of Singapore's most advanced veterinary hospitals. With state-of-the-art surgical and therapeutic facilities, the ARVRC occupies a four storey site in Little India, and has recently undergone an extensive renovation.

We are pleased to offer 24-hour emergency veterinary assistance in Singapore.


Animal Recovery Veterinary Referral Center (Singapore)

466 Serangoon Road, Singapore, 218 225

Telephone: +65 6252 2623

Dr. Jean- Paul Ly BVSc.

ARVRC founder and Senior Vet

Dr. Floriane Thierry
Dr. Eunice Chan
Dr. Sabine Bozon





Rates and Charges


Male (small) $217.61
Male (medium) $284.99
Male(large) $350.12
Male (Xlarge) $422.79
Female(small) $260.00
Female (medium) $320.00
Female (large) $403.45
Female (Xlarge) $529.46
Male  $82.95
Female  $182.60


Referral or SrVIP US - Ultrasounds Services

Ultrasound thorax scan $171
Abdominal ultrasound - portosystemic shunt $325

Ultrasound - Abdominal - Recheck < 2 months

Ultrasound - Pregnancy $127
Ultrasound - Thyro / parathyroid $185
Ultrasound abdominal scan $295
Ultrasound basic echocardiography $340
Ultrasound basic repeat echocardiography < 2months $218
Ultrasound doppler echocardiography $440
Ultrasound guided abdominocentesis        per 15 mins *to charge additional if more time is required. $65
Ultrasound guided biospy (without anesthesia) $232
Ultrasound guided cystocentesis $41
Ultrasound guided Fine Needle Aspirate $100
Ultrasound guided thoracocentesis $110
Ultrasound Opthalmic ocular $137
Ultrasound single organ $100
Ultrasound Urinary Tract Scan $137
Ultrasound urogenital scan $184
Ultrasound Extended Session Charge TBA
Ultrasound Guided Pericardiocenthesis per 15 mins $400



Remark : 

All prices are excluding GST and do not include take home medications, if necessary.

*There is a 25% surcharge for senior consultants for de-sexing.Additional charge of about $400 for JPL to perform de-sexing procedures.