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Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association Partnership

We are pleased to announce that Doctors Beck & Stone is partnering with Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association (HKGDA) as their veterinary services provider across Hong Kong. 

HKGDA provide invaluable support to the many people of Hong Kong who require the support of a service dog to help them in their daily life. As part of our commitment to empowering a community of responsible pet owners, we are excited to be able to do our part for the community and provide support to their guide dogs.

Support for HKGDA members

Registered guide dog puppies and guide dogs in training are supported by the HKGDA to pay for veterinary bills to ensure their dogs have regular access to veterinary care.

Our partnership provides signifcant financial help on a variety of essential services for HKGDA guide dogs and their users, to ease the burden of veterinary costs throughout the life of the guide dog and support HKGDA in their mission to supporting independent living in a barrier free society for all residents of Hong Kong.

By providing access to veterinary services across 10 clinics in Hong Kong, each guide dog is guaranteed a consistent level of service and continuity of their lifelong care with veterinarians who can monitor their progress throughout their life.

HKGDA partnership mission

Help us to raise funds for the HKGDA

Clients and members of the public will be able to make donations at any of the Doctors Beck & Stone veterinary clinics across Hong Kong.

Find your nearest veterinary clinic in Hong Kong here.

You can also make a donation online at the Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association website.


Donate to HKGDA

Follow the partnership

We will be providing updates about our partnership with HKGDA on our website and Facebook throughout the year in a series of interviews with HKGDA’s foster families and guide dog users, as well as events and information on how to get involved. Follow us to keep up to date.