Doctors Beck & Stone is the first international pet hospital group in China, supporting responsible pet ownership, and providing international-standard veterinary services.

We are constantly striving to exceed the highest operational, professional and ethical standards. We offer veterinary services, grooming, boarding, and pet food.

Our consultation and examination fee depends on the seniority and experience of our veterinarian. The fee for a regular vet is RMB 100; a Jr. VIP vet is RMB 180, and a VIP vet is RMB 280.

We offer 25% compassionate discount for rescued pets until they are adopted.

Doctors Beck & Stone international vet pet clinics & hospitals are in Shunyi & Chaoyang districts, Beijing, Changning, Minhang & Pudong districts, Shanghai, Tianhe district, Guangzhou, and Nanshan district, Shenzhen.

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News, articles & announcements

White in SZ waiting for a home

Image My name is White, 7 months old. I used to wander along nameless streets. One day I accidentally fell from high, a good-hearted person helped me ...

To read more click here.

Didi refuses to give up

Image Didi is a 10 months old female domestic short-hair cat who was hit by a car 2 months ago and completely breaking her spine.

To read more click here.

Dou Ding is a Bichon Frise’ that had a car accident

Image Pelvis surgery has now been performed successfully at Doctors Beck & Stone in Shenzhen.

To read more click here.

The four puppies would not have made it without human help!

Image A mother dog never abandons her puppies, so we suspect that something terrible happened to the mother of these four puppies.

To read more click here.

Houdini did not escape a serious leg injury

I first met the 1-year old puppy, Houdini, on October 1, 2013. He is a very happy dog and he would be great even with small kids.
Unfortunately he is disabled on his right hind leg. He has a hip dislocation and a twisted knee with torn ligaments. Perhaps he was in a traffic accident or someone hit him.

To read more click here.

Papaya is a breast cancer survivor

Image “Papaya” is a female 7 year old Great Pyrenees who was bought to the Minhang clinic with a very large and rapidly growing mass on her mammary/breast chain in April 2013.

To read more click here.

Ginger is asking for your help

Image My name is Ginger and I am the puppy in China with a broken knee and two hip dislocations. I am very special you know.

Read more about me here.

Join the Pet Health Club

Image We all want to give our pets the best possible care to ensure that they have long, healthy, and happy lives. That is why we have prepared the very best preventative healthcare plan, and named it the Pet Health Club.

For more details please click here.

New pet hospital in Pudong

Image Pet owners living in Pudong can now visit Doctors Beck & Stone’s new international vet pet clinic/hospital in Pudong, located in Jinqiao Export Processing Zone, just 10 minutes north of Jinqiao Biyun International Community.

Animal rescue organizations in China

Image Guangzhou
Established in 2009, Tuhua is the first officially registered non-profit animal rescue organization.
Shanming is animal shelters under Tuhuan, located in Tuhua park, Haizhu district, Guangzhou
Contact Person: YoYo, Mobile: 138 2600 5253, Weibo:

Image Shenzhen

Shenzhen Dog Protection Association was founded in August, 2010, and is the only approved non-profit dog protection association in Shenzhen. The stray dog shelter is located below.
Contact Information: Dakan, Xili Town, Nanshan District. Email (Office), (Stray dog shelter). Website:

Image Shanghai

JAR - Jaiya's Animal Rescue is a group of expat and Chinese individuals who have dedicated a part of our lives to rescuing and rehoming stray and abandoned animals off the streets of Shanghai. Our group is named in honor and loving memory of 9 week old "Jaiya Kristina", who passed away from SIDS on February 14, 2009. At JAR we believe that every animal deserves a safe, secure and loving home. Website: Blog: e-mail: Contact: Marvin (Founder)

Image Shanghai

The past few years we have seen more and more people here show care and concerns for the stray animal situation. However, there is a general lack of responsible pet ownership knowledge. Pet responsibility education need to become more popular in schools. BestFriends hopes that people and pets can become good companions, and kindhearted people can work together towards common goals in our community. Email: Sina Weibo:BestFriends一路有你宠爱俱乐部 Website:

Image Shanghai

Paw Pals Animal Rescue (PPAR) is a non-profit animal rescue group founded in 2007 by a group of individual animal rescuers. The mission of PPAR is to provide for the rescue and compassionate care of homeless animals, and to place adoptable animals in permanent loving homes. All cats at PPAR are sterilized, immunized and treated for parasites prior to adoption.
To this date, PPAR has rescued more than 300 homeless kittens and cats, and successfully placed most of them in responsible, loving homes. Currently, about 70 cats are under PPAR’s care and waiting for adoption.
PPAR holds Adoption Weekends (Saturday and Sunday), from 13:00 pm to 17:00 pm, at the PPAR Shelter located in Minhang District, Shanghai. Phone: 021-5480-1699.
For more information about being a volunteer, foster parent or how to adopt a cat or kitten from PPAR, please send an e-mail to:
Info in Chinese:
Info in English:

Image Beijing

Welcome to THE LITTLE ADOPTION SHOP. If you can adopt, foster, volunteer or support us in any way, please drop by and check out our new place. We have adoptable dogs, good heating and a big welcome for you. Location: Shunyi, West Side of New Exhibition Center (新国展) Tel 1368-360-2305 Email: Click here for Weibo. Click here for Facebook. Donations can be dropped off at The Little Adoption Shop, or made through the accounts shown here.

Image Beijing

Established in 1987, Animal Rescue Beijing (ARB) is an officially registered non-profitable and non-governmental animal welfare organisation. We strive for animal protection and welfare, advocate education and legislation. Over 25 years ARB has placed hundreds of dogs and cats into families. Currently we have around 100 dogs rescued in our shelter in Changping, Beijing. They are all properly vaccinated on an annual basis, and most are sterilised. These cheerful fuzzy little angels are waiting for their Ms & Mr. Right, with whom they will be able to start a brand new life. Location: ARB Shelter, Mengzu Village, Baishan County, Changping District. Contact: Esther Yang (volunteer)
Mobile: 139 1028 5373 Email: Weibo:
Blog: Funding & Charity Sale:

Image Beijing
Lost in Wuffdaokou is a private non-profit initiative of an expat couple living in Beijing who rescue homeless street puppies in the Wudaokou area, either by providing proper food or taking the weakest puppies in and nursing them back to health until they can be adopted by their "forever families".
You can visit for more information.

Image Beijing
Formerly known as “Cat Friends,” Beijing Cat was founded by Scarlett Zhang, and since 2001 has re-homed over 100 cats in happy adoptive families.
All of our cats seeking adoption are healthy, dewormed, neutered and vaccinated. They are also friendly, with sweet personalities, and suitable for adoption.
Scarlett's Phone: 13501315988; Mail:

Why rescue a pet instead of buying?

Why We Rescue is a yearlong story-telling documentary that is traversing across all 50 united states highlighting how pets transform our lives for the better. This project is an opportunity to share everyday stories on how those pets can open our homes and hearts to the world.

To visit "Why We Rescue" click here.

Rescued pets looking for loving homes

Image Beijing, April 23, 2014

This lovely rabbit was bought on the street by its original owner and soon afterwards it was abandoned. I felt so sorry for the poor thing and took her in, even though I am not allowed to have any pets where I live. She will be spayed shortly. She is almost 3kg, 7 months old. Adorable animal, loving nature, cuddly...

Contact Information

Image Beijing April 18, 2014

This cute 10-week-old puppy was found rummaging through the garbage at the bus stop along Jiuxianqiao in the Chaoyang district. The puppy was very lethargic that night, so her rescuers brought her inside and gave her a warm bed to sleep in. The next day, she was a ball of action! She was brought to the vet and given a clean bill of health. She also has had all of her vaccinations and will come with a cage, toys, and food. Her current friend, an American woman, can’t keep her because she is going back to the states soon. She is a really good little girl. She loves to cuddle and lay in laps, and she also likes to chase her toys around! She is very friendly and not afraid of people. She would make a great family pet or companion for someone solo. Just keep in mind that she is currently teething, so she likes to chew! As long as she has a chew toy or a pair of old slippers, she is content.

Contact Information:

Image Shanghai April 18, 2014

2 kittens looking for home

2 1/2 months old (stayed with their mother the whole time), potty trained and playful.

Contact Information:
China garden, No.2388, Hong Qiao Road, Changning district
Mail: or

Shanghai April 16, 2014

Chou Chou is a 8-month male cat. He has finished deworming and deflea. One months ago, an accident caused him losing one of his legs. But now he have been fully recovered after treatment.
Chouchou is very nice, a little bit shy. The rescuer wanna Chou Chou could have a warm family in the future. If you want to give Chou Chou a home,please contact Doctors Beck & Stone PD hospital.
Besides,ChouChou's brothers and sisters are also waiting for long time family.

Contact Information:
Doctors Beck & Stone PD hospiatl
Phone: 021-51353091

Image Beijing April 11, 2014

Xiao Shu, 8-month boy, was dumped and he’s been always staying at the same place everyday to wait for his owner to take him back, though they never did.
He’s maybe not very good-looking, but when you see him, I guarantee that you’ll be overwhelmed by his outstanding friendly and easy-going character which is really so rare and will makes him a wonderful pet for any kind of family.
Health condition: Checked up, vaccined and neutered

Contact Information:
Lily Sun
Phone: 18911705050

Image Shanghai April 11, 2014

Molly is a 1 1/2 year old female spayed tortoiseshell DSH cat and Mario is a 1 year old grey British Short hair cat. Both cats are fully vaccinated and have had a health check recently.

Their owner unfortunately has to leave China and cannot take them with her. Both cats are very affectionate and together are looking for a loving home.

The owner would like to home the cats together as they have grown up together and are best friends.

If you are interested in giving these a cats a home please contact:
Doctors Beck & Stone Minhang Hospital
Phone: 021-6402 9226

Image Shanghai April 11, 2014

Three young kittens were adopted from the street and are between 10-14 days old. The tri-coloured kitten has found a loving forever home, however, the other two little kittens still needs a good home. They need special care and bottle feeding every 3-4 hours for another 2-3 weeks until they can be weaned onto solid food. We need a special home for these kittens with an owner with a lot of experience raising orphaned kittens.

Doctors Beck & Stone - Minhang Hospital
Phone: 021-6402 9226

Beijing March 31, 2014

Sweet puppy “Miriam” is looking for an Egyptian pharaoh or Chinese Emperor!
Early this morning, our night duty nurse found a crate abandoned in front of our Chaowai SOHO hospital door, with a little black puppy inside, and a hand-written note pinned to the crate saying:

“I am a maid working in Central Park Apartments, and I rescued this puppy three weeks ago. At first the puppy was very weak, but now she is doing well and is active and playful. The mother of my boss is not well, and complained that the puppy is noisy, but actually the puppy is very well behaved, but I am only the maid, so I cannot keep the puppy.
I have been to Doctors Beck & Stone several months ago with my boss’ pet.
I am so sorry about this; I cannot take care of this puppy any more and I hope you can find a good family for the puppy to live happily.
Thank you very much. Please help!”

The Bible has the story about baby Moses who floated down the river Nile in a basket, and was found by the daughter of the Egyptian pharaoh, so he was raised like royalty, by his mother posing as a maid, and his sister “Miriam” posing as a midwife"
We therefore decided to name the puppy “Miriam”.
Similarly, China has the story of Tang San Zang or “Monk Tang” who was adopted by a monastery leader who found him floating down the river, and later he became the brother of the Emperor of Great Tang, and was sent to fetch Buddhist scriptures in the West.
Miriam is now looking for her own Egyptian pharaoh or Chinese emperor, to live her life like royalty.
Miriam is 3 to 4 months old, weighs 2.2 kg, her vital signs are normal, she has been tested for common viruses, given DHPPi vaccination, dewormed and defleaed.
If you would like to give Miriam her future palace please contact us or visit her at:
Doctors Beck & Stone – Chaowai SOHO
Reception: +86 10 5869 6401
Shop 0153, Tower B, Chaowai SOHO, 6 Chaowai Street, Chaoyang District

Image Beijing March 28, 2014

Romeo is a 5-months-old boy. Independent and clever, he is also very affectionate to other animals and is the perfect companion around kids. He loves to play and it is adorable to see him jump in excitement when he sees you arriving.

If you are interested by welcoming a new member in your family or if you want more information about him, you can contact Laure.

Laure's Contact Detail:
Phone: 130 2191 6784

Image Shanghai March 25th, 2014

Caramel is a 10 month old female spayed domestic rabbit that needs a new loving home. She has been dewormed and also checked by a veterinarian to ensure she is healthy. She can be a little nervous and interacts better with teenagers or adults. If you or you know someone who would like to adopt Caramel please contact:

Doctors Beck & Stone - Minhang Hospital
Phone: 021-6402 9226

Image Beijing March 12th, 2014


Ya Ya is a girl, about 10 years old, middle sized, spayed. She is rescued in beijing, now is fully vaccinated and dewormed. She got lost the day before her adoption family come to pick up her.
Anyone who has her information, please contact the following mail, which will bring her back to a lovely home.

Contact Information:

Image Beijing March 12th, 2014


Name: Jazmin
Breed: Schnauzer miniature
Age: 7 Years old
Color: gray - white (salt and pepper!)
It was not wearing a name tag.

Contact Information:
Phone: 137 2005 5730, 135 1106 0162 or River Garden front desk at 8041 4762

Image Beijing March 11th, 2014

My name is Elsa, I’m a beautiful girl about one year old. 3 days ago one lady found me on the street and took me to see the Vet for health check and all is good. The same time I have been de-wormed and flea control.
I am a real sweetie, and I will be a very good companion. The lady who rescued me can’t afford me for long time. If you are interesting in me and want to give me a warm home. Please contact as following: .I am waiting for your visit.

Contact Information:
Doctors Beck & Stone CBD hospital
Phone: 010-87748653

Image Beijing March 03, 2014

I am in the heartbreaking situation of knowing I need to go home to London to care for my mother, to an apartment that does not allow pets, and need to find a home for a great rabbit I adopted from a flatmate here about a year ago.
She is about 2 and half years old I think, recently spayed. She's been a house rabbit as long as I've had her, with space to run around, using a litter tray more or less successfully, with access to hay and fresh vegetables as well as toys and things to chew on.
My mother's surgery is scheduled for July but I would like to find her a home as soon as possible because I find it extremely stressful worrying about the rabbit's future.

Contact Information:
Victoria Wakerley

Image Shanghai March 03, 2014

An older Male Neutered Brown Tabby cat was found in the Minhang area with an international microchip. Please call the out Minhang hospital if you have lost your cat recently.

Contact Information:
Tel: 021-6402 9226
Address: 66 Qingshan Road, Minhang District (Line 10, Longbai Xincun Station)

Beijing February 27th, 2014
LanLan and DanDan are two Ferrets who mean so much to us both. We bought them around 4 years ago and they have brought us so much joy. However we now have a baby son on the way with a possible heart defect and as much as we would enjoy to be together as a family, we do not want to worry how our 2 best friends might harm our baby as well. I hope they will understand and forgive us.
LanLan, the boy, is a 'Panda' and he is soft and gentle, he can be very lazy and loves to sleep a lot and be cuddled. DanDan is the girl that is an ordinary breed and can be very playful and hyper-active. Both of them have been chipped,neutered/spayed and have their own little animal 'passport' from the Angora company. They have a big cage for exercise and sleeping and also have a small cage for when it is bath time as well as a carrier bag and play-pen although they do need to be kept an eye on as the little rascals like to climb and try and explore the house.
We really want them to go to a good home with a family who will take good care of them and love them as much as we did. They will bring much joy to you as much as they did for us.

Contact Information:

Beijing February 25th, 2014

10 days ago, in Beijing’s 1st day of snow fall, we were abandoned and left to fend for ourselves in the frigid cold. Luckily we were discovered and have been taken to Doctors Beck and Stone twice for check-ups. We are healthy, about 8 weeks old and de-warmed. The humans that rescued us don’t have enough space to take us in because they already have a dog. So, we are now searching for a new owner with a warm loving home.
We are both girls; Socks is energetic and passionate, and Ginger is tender and affectionate. We are not picky eaters, we don’t bark and we are already house trained.
Please welcome us to your home, we promise we will be thankful, loyal and be by your side always.

Contact Information:
Demi Zhang
Phone: 136-4194-9327

Image Beijing February 17th, 2014

Hey! My name is Fracture, Chinese name A Fu, I’m about 1 year old intact girl (Body weight 9kg). I have no other health problem except my left back leg is broken, but luckily it doesn’t affect my walk very much, I can still walking, running and jumping a little.
When you first see me, I might be a little shy, but I am very friendly and out-going actually. I can be your best friend when I trust on you, which would be very easy if you are a nice guy too! And besides, I am a super clever girl, I can understand commands very fast! You can trust me because it is myself find Doctors Beck & Stone Euro Plaza to ask for help.

Contact Information:
Doctors Beck & Stone Euro Plaza hospital
Tel: 010-80462886

Beijing February 17th, 2014

Hello everyone! I’m CC, 3 month-old naughty boy. Mum and I were rescued by kind-hearted Korean Uncle from the street. He took us to Doctors Beck and Stone to do health check and even helped ill Mun recovered there.

I think I’m charming and brimful of energy, especially love playing with people. My mom is about one year old. Compared to me, she’s some quiet and nice. Both of us are vaccine. Our rescure has no time to give us a lifetime home, hope you can find us and give us a warm home in Beijing!

Contact Information:
CBD hospital:
Tel: 010-87748653

Image Beijing February 14th, 2014

Super is a nice girl born at 2012/8th, recured dog. She is very friendly and healthy, fully vaccinated and dewormed, need a new home in Beijing.

Contact Information:

Image Beijing February 14th, 2014

Gary is a 1 year old handsome boy, rescured by a kind-hearted man at night. He is passionate, lively and cheerful personality, healthy, fully vaccinated, dewormed and neutered. We hope he can find a permanent family in Beijing.

Contact Information:

Image Beijing February 14th, 2014

Niu Niu is a 4 years old friendly girl, rescured on the street. She is healthy, fully vaccinated and dewormed. What she need now is just a stable family with a person who love her.

Contact Information:

Image Beijing February 12th, 2014

Hello, I’m Gou Gou. I’m a 13 years old female Pekingese, people tell me I’m smart ^-^ I was rescued at the roadside last September. I was very sick and urinated the pain even hematuria at that time. Thanks to Doctors Beck & Stone and my rescuer, I’m neutered and the bladder stones in my body has been removed now. I really want a warm family which I can stay along with for my life.

Contact information:
Doctors Beck & Stone Shunyi Hospital
Tel: 010-80462886

Image Shanghai February 10th, 2014

Dear all, today morning walking my dog in the compound( Pudong, Dingxiang road, 1089, Lian yang compound, I saw a dog near our building, she was very dirty but dint refuse a bit when I took her in my arms and brought her home. I gave her a bath as she was very dirty and took her to pet clinic near our house, they said she is a puppy around 6-7 month old. we fall in love with her instantly, she must be a terrier, I am just concerned if she has a owner looking for her, for the moment we call her Lili. here are some of her pics.

Please visit
for more information and feedback.

Shanghai February 8th, 2014

Luna is about 1 1/2 years old and was recused from a homeless man's shelter where she was chained to a fence the first 6-9 months of her life. Although she has her fear issues in new places/ new experiences, she is a real sweetie...a great companion... loves sitting next to you and keeping you company with her little front paws crossed.

She is very dog friendly and has been great with all the dogs I have brought into our home here in Shanghai but I don't think I would recommend her to a family with small children.

If anyone is interested in giving Luna her a forever home please contact Melinda.

Contact Information:
Phone: 186-2188-7132

Image Shanghai January 26, 2014

Sox is a 1 year male cat with excellent fur. His leg used to be injured when before rescued and now has been almost recovery.
His rescuer found him because he asked help by himself!. What a clever cat!
Sox still has a mild nature.

Contact Information:
Pudong Hospital
Reception: 021-51353091

Image Shanghai January 22, 2014


Desperately trying to find beloved family pet, Alfie. A mixed-breed, medium-sized brown dog (see flyer below).

Lost on Friday 17 January 2014 on the corner of Xinzha and Taixing.

Contact Information:
Erin or Geoff
Phone: 13681779331

Image Shenzhen January 21, 2014

Claire have to fly out of China and so she left her dog with a friend who could only take care of the dog for a month in Shenzhen.
Dog's breed is Chow and she is 21 months old, Middle-sized dog. Her color is Black and her name is Heeshee. She is very well-behaved.
Claire already has license permit for her that includes evidence of vaccination.
Claire really hopes someone to adopt the dog for good and give her all the love and care she gave in the past year.

Contact Information:
Claire Dy

Image Shanghai January 21, 2014

Border collie lives in Shanghai and now needs sweet home.

Contact Information:
Phone: 13764378469

Image Shanghai January 15, 2014

Houdini, 1-year old puppy, was rescued by Ivana in October, 2013. Ivana took him to Doctors Beck and Stone to do health check and the result is some good. He is all healthy, vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered.
Unfortunately he is disabled on his right hind leg. He has a hip dislocation and a twisted knee with torn ligaments. Perhaps he was in a traffic accident or someone hit him. Ivana tried to raise denotation for him, and Doctors Beck & Stone also pledged to perform all the surgeries regardless of the amount of donations.
Operation was on 9th December, 2013 and it seems he is in good recovery now. Ivana has already has 3 dogs and hope Houdini can find a permanent family when totally recovery.

Contact Information:

Shanghai January 15, 2014

These 3 stray puppies are 3 month-old and their mother died. Puppies cannot live without mother! This means they won’t survive this winter! Luckily Mr. Hillerby found them and took them home then gave them a warm home. They were 4 puppies before but one of them has had a new home.
They need your helps! TAKE them HOME and TAKE GOOD CARE of them.
(The 2nd Vaccination, KC<Kennel Cough> Leptospirosis vaccine and 1st deflea already done)
Ciao is boy but very shy;Bella is a curious Baby Girl; Tinker is a super sweet girl!

Contact Information:
Hillerby Jason
Phone: 18621933003

Guangzhou January 13, 2014
Leanne rescued 3 stray kittens but unfortunately she lost her job last week and need to leave Guangzhou within 2 weeks. Leanne cannot afford the relocation for them because she has no enough time and money. So she hope to help them find good homes.
One 9 month-old ginger and white tom, neutered but not vaccinated. He looks a bit rough but is a big softy, loves playing with the others and they all sleep together. He is very fluffy and quite fat now but loves to chase things especially a lazer beam and the kitten all around. He is shy at first but then gets very affectionate.
The other 9 month-old brown stripped cat. Female, spayed. She is the most affectionate out of them all she loves being held and when she trusts you likes to be held like a baby and her belly stroked. The kitten is 2 months approx. and is her sibling. They are identical and she washes him and teaches him to play. The last day or so the kitten has been playing with the other two cats’ tails and becoming more lovely. They have bonded as a family unit but if they need splitting then perhaps the girl and the baby should stay together.
Leanne's Contact Information: Phone: 15915704076, Mail:

Image Beijing December 31, 2013

Cheerio lads, my name is Sugar, I am a two-month-old rocketing roller coaster-ride canine female and I am the ring finger of the Handful of puppies. (For further information on our story and why we are called the Handful, please check my brother Rocky's profile. He is better in explaining than I am.) Why am I the ring finger? Well, because I am so ridiculously cute and beautiful, of course. Nobody is more befit for wearing ornaments than me!

Read more about me here or visit

Contact Information:
Valerie Niedenführ

Image Beijing December 31, 2013

Hi everybody, my name is Honey. I am a two-month old canine-dwarvish female and I am the index finger of our Handful of puppies.So why index finger, you ask? Why, because I am always up front, of course! I am rather independent and love to explore my surroundings. I am daring and noisy. Which is why I am generally the one showing the way. Got any problems, you can count on me!

Read more about me here or visit

Contact Information:
Valerie Niedenführ

Image Beijing December 31, 2013

Hello, my name is Rocky. I a two-month old, hobbitish-canine male out of the Handful of puppies. To be precise, I am the thumb of the Handful of puppies. Why, you ask? This is easy. It is certainly not because of my height, as I am already taller than my siblings, but because I am the only boy in our litter of five. It was because of me that our foster parents named us the Handful!

Now, as a big brother, I will tell you a little about our history. My foster mummy found us eight weeks ago......Read more about me here or visit

Contact Information:
Valerie Niedenführ

GuangZhou November 18,2013

Major Tom is a boy, about 6 months old, neutered, vaccinated and healthy. He like playing, friendly, stay in a group of other cats. Meanwhile, he is good at using toilet.Ms.Katja Lihdak rescued Major Tom and raise him in her own home. But she has already have 2 cats and they are not kind to Major Tom. So Ms.Katja Lihdak has to help him find a new home.

Contact Information:
Ms.Katja Lihdak
Phone:15920386314. Email:
Or Guangzhou Hospital

Beijing October 1, 2013

Xiao Hua is a special guest to CYP, a very sweet stray dog. Let's try to help him find his home or a new home.
This morning, when our nurses walk doges outside after the heavy rain, a dog covered with water and dirty dust followed up. First he tried to walk in with the other dogs but gave up, maybe because of shyness or fear. But when the first client came in with his dog, he became brave enough to come in.
Groomer helped him with a warm bath and vet helped him with a health check. He is healthy and looks so cute now. He is about 2 years old, mixed and seems not been lost too long time. He is very kind, shaking his tail to everyone here, good at shaking hands, used to bath.
Anyone who knows him please contact his owner or our CYP hospital. And we also hope he can have a new home if finally he can't find his original owner.

Contact Information:
CYP Reception: 010 - 8457 8233

Beijing August 16, 2013

"Hello! I'm Timo! I'm about one year old, and I'm a happy boy with brilliant white teeth!

I forgot why I am homeless, but surely I want a sweet and nice home, so I ran to Doctors Beck & Stone at the Shunyi hospital for help by myself.

I'm healthy and a little bit shy, but I have a nice character. I'd like to be well educated if I can join your family as a handsome member.

Contact Information:
Adele Deng
Tel: 010-80462886

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