Doctors Beck & Stone is the first international pet hospital group in China, supporting responsible pet ownership, and providing international-standard veterinary services.

We are constantly striving to exceed the highest operational, professional and ethical standards. We offer veterinary services, grooming, boarding, and pet food.

Our consultation and examination fee depends on the seniority and experience of our veterinarian. The fee for a regular vet is RMB 100; a Jr. VIP vet is RMB 180, and a VIP vet is RMB 280. To see detailed prices please click here.

We offer 25% compassionate discount for rescued pets as long as 3 months before they are adopted.

Doctors Beck & Stone international pet hospitals are located in Shunyi & Chaoyang districts, Beijing, Changning, Minhang & Pudong districts, Shanghai, Tianhe district, Guangzhou, and Nanshan district, Shenzhen.

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Plea from The Little Adoption Shop

Image The Little Adoption Shop currently has more than 150 dogs in our care, and we are under constant pressure to meet our food, rent, medical and other expenses.
To read more click here.

Join the Pet Health Club

Image We all want to give our pets the best possible care to ensure that they have long, healthy, and happy lives. That is why we have prepared the very best preventative healthcare plan, and named it the Pet Health Club.

For more details please click here.

Animal rescue organizations in China

Image UK

NoToDogMeat is the official campaigning body of the UK registered charity 1154524 World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade.
Click here for more information.

Image Guangzhou

Guangzhou’s independent and non-profit dog rescue shelter, PAMILY, is driven by the passion of its volunteers and their commitment to rescuing street dogs. On March 1, 2004, our volunteers saved 20 street dogs, overwhelmed and encouraged by the success, we founded the PAMILY to continue our efforts in helping street dogs and educating people.
Wechat: 13710366604

Image Guangzhou

Established in 2009, Tuhua is the first officially registered non-profit animal rescue organization.
Shanming is animal shelters under Tuhuan, located in Tuhua park, Haizhu district, Guangzhou
Contact Person: YoYo, Mobile: 138 2600 5253, Weibo:

Image Shenzhen

Shenzhen Dog Protection Association was founded in August, 2010, and is the only approved non-profit dog protection association in Shenzhen. The stray dog shelter is located below.
Contact Information: Dakan, Xili Town, Nanshan District. Email (Office), (Stray dog shelter). Website:

Image Shanghai

JAR - Jaiya's Animal Rescue is a group of expat and Chinese individuals who have dedicated a part of our lives to rescuing and rehoming stray and abandoned animals off the streets of Shanghai. Our group is named in honor and loving memory of 9 week old "Jaiya Kristina", who passed away from SIDS on February 14, 2009. At JAR we believe that every animal deserves a safe, secure and loving home. Website: Blog: e-mail: Contact: Marvin (Founder)

Image Shanghai

The past few years we have seen more and more people here show care and concerns for the stray animal situation. However, there is a general lack of responsible pet ownership knowledge. Pet responsibility education need to become more popular in schools. BestFriends hopes that people and pets can become good companions, and kindhearted people can work together towards common goals in our community. Email: Sina Weibo:BestFriends一路有你宠爱俱乐部 Website:

Image Shanghai

Paw Pals Animal Rescue (PPAR) is a non-profit animal rescue group founded in 2007 by a group of individual animal rescuers. The mission of PPAR is to provide for the rescue and compassionate care of homeless animals, and to place adoptable animals in permanent loving homes. All cats at PPAR are sterilized, immunized and treated for parasites prior to adoption.
To this date, PPAR has rescued more than 300 homeless kittens and cats, and successfully placed most of them in responsible, loving homes. Currently, about 70 cats are under PPAR’s care and waiting for adoption.
PPAR holds Adoption Weekends (Saturday and Sunday), from 13:00 to 17:00 pm, at the PPAR Shelter located in Minhang District, Shanghai. Phone: 021-5480-1699.
For more information about being a volunteer, foster parent or how to adopt a cat or kitten from PPAR, please send an e-mail to:

Image Beijing

Together for Animals in China (TACN) is a not-for-profit organisation founded by a team of native and overseas Chinese animal rescuers and activists, with the aim of improving the lives of animals in China and promoting ​compassion for all animals.​ ​TACN works to bring people together to provide effective means to support animal rescue efforts, help abused and neglected animals and also help local animal rescue groups and individuals in China, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of animals and ending the illegal dog and cat meat trade.​
Website: /

Image Beijing

Welcome to THE LITTLE ADOPTION SHOP. If you can adopt, foster, volunteer or support us in any way, please drop by and check out our new place. We have adoptable dogs, good heating and a big welcome for you. Location: Shunyi, West Side of New Exhibition Center (新国展) Tel 1368-360-2305 Email: Click here for Weibo. Click here for Facebook. Donations can be dropped off at The Little Adoption Shop, or made through the accounts shown here.

Image Beijing

Established in 1987, Animal Rescue Beijing (ARB) is an officially registered non-profitable and non-governmental animal welfare organisation. We strive for animal protection and welfare, advocate education and legislation. Over 25 years ARB has placed hundreds of dogs and cats into families. Currently we have around 100 dogs rescued in our shelter in Changping, Beijing. They are all properly vaccinated on an annual basis, and most are sterilised. These cheerful fuzzy little angels are waiting for their Ms & Mr. Right, with whom they will be able to start a brand new life. Location: ARB Shelter, Mengzu Village, Baishan County, Changping District. Contact: Esther Yang (volunteer)
Mobile: 139 1028 5373 Email: Weibo:
Blog: Funding & Charity Sale:

Image Beijing

Lost in Wuffdaokou is a private non-profit initiative of an expat couple living in Beijing who rescue homeless street puppies in the Wudaokou area, either by providing proper food or taking the weakest puppies in and nursing them back to health until they can be adopted by their "forever families".
You can visit for more information.

Image Beijing

Formerly known as “Cat Friends,” Beijing Cat was founded by Scarlett Zhang, and since 2001 has re-homed over 100 cats in happy adoptive families.
All of our cats seeking adoption are healthy, dewormed, neutered and vaccinated. They are also friendly, with sweet personalities, and suitable for adoption.
Scarlett's Phone: 13501315988; Mail:

Why rescue a pet instead of buying?

Why We Rescue is a yearlong story-telling documentary that is traversing across all 50 united states highlighting how pets transform our lives for the better. This project is an opportunity to share everyday stories on how those pets can open our homes and hearts to the world.

To visit "Why We Rescue" click here.

Rescued pets looking for loving homes

Shanghai November 26, 2014

This is little rescue pup Martin. I found him while walking home one evening in Lujiazui. He was being teased by some men on the street and as I got a little closer, I realized his left leg was dangling from his body. I felt so sorry for him but as I already have a rescue dog, I tried to leave him behind, but he followed me all the way to an intersection where he walked blindly into traffic. This is probably how he broke his leg in the first place. He couldn't be left on the street after that as I knew he was not a proper street dog and had no chance of survival.
He's temporarily enjoying the comforts of our home, but our current dog does like his company since we have tied so much. Martin is very sweet and loves to be scratched on the neck. He is leash trained, housebroken, and starting to respond really well to the training we are doing. He would also do well where he is the only dog with a family who will give him firm guidance on house rules and spoil him with lots of toys. He loves squeaky toys!
Contact Information:
Mobile : 15618911080

Beijing November 24, 2014

This is Oreo the puppy, otherwise known just as Puppy. He's about 2 months old. He was found wandering around the bins in the street and looking a little grubby overall. He's a cute little chap who likes sleeping on laps, rolling on his back, belly rubs, running alongside you and gnawing on bones. He was already house trained exceptionally well, now knows the words 'come here', will also come to you if you whistle, and may know how to sit if you say it in Chinese. He can go for walks off the lead and doesn't mind taking a bath. Sometimes he's shy of other dogs but is not aggressive. If you would like to adopt him he already has a collar, lead, bed, food, treats and lots of toys. And a big bone of course!

Contact Information:
Phone: 18614011503

Guangzhou November 21, 2014
Mochi, about 7 months, is a white boy with blue/grey eyes. I will leave China on Dec 15th, so I need help him find a home before that.
Mochi basically has free reign of my bedroom. He has a large cage where his food and water is but I leave it open. If I sleep in my room I put him in his cage and move it to the living room. He is very active at night so if he is confined to his cage he can be a bit noisy. He spends a lot of time lounging on the floor or running around on the bed. In my room is a large cardboard box that used to hold a comfortor that he has taken over. He loves to rearrange things and make a mess.
Mochi has a very distinct personality. He's very active and likes to move things around to be just where he wants them. He is a lot like a cat in that he enjoys affection but on his own terms. When he wants to cuddle he will come to you. He's very playful but has never bitten me. He loves food! He can be quite a little piggy. He gets 1-2 bowls of kibble every day and as much hay as he wants. I also give him fresh veggies every other day or so.
Contact Information (English only):
Wechat: Mika_China, Phone Number: 13265593857, Email:

Image Shenzhen November 21, 2014

Sunshine is a lovely girl, about 4 months old. She is healthy, lovely and clever. She’d like to stay with people quietly.
Sunshine was rescued by a kindly lady one week ago. She is so clever that she followed and asked for help herself! The rescuer took her hospital for health check and deworming. And vaccination is also in plan.
Now Sunshine is waiting for adoption and your love.

Contact Information:
Shenzhen Hospital
Reception: 0755-8666 4495

Beijing November 19, 2014

I´m 10 years old male Cocker Spaniel. My life has been hard. I have 3 legs due to a car hit me. I was abandoned and have been looking for a new owner for a long time. I am very friendly and love to cuddle.
Exercise, I have to lose weight. Groomed once a month and a good brush thru my coat once a week. Special diet. And a lot of love!
Attention and a warm loving home! Cuddle! I´m very easy…

Contact Information:
Camilla at TACN
Mobile: 18311241633

Shanghai November 19, 2014
Snowball is one of the 2 bunnies that I had to rescue from Pudong on Wednesday Oct 15 from a completely irresponsible owner who was planning to throw these 2 innocent bunnies in the street. Once I found out, I rushed to see them and had no other choice than taking them home and practically save them even if I already have 2 bunnies of my own right now...They were both crammed in one filthy cage for months (since he bought them in April), malnourished and with a bottle of dirty yellow water and a plastic bottom of a bottle with sharp edges, serving as their food bowl...plain miserable conditions...
I have taken them to the vet and luckily the health is good. They have a slightly longer teeth than normal, which will maybe need X-Ray to check, but maybe can be kept under control by constantly feeding unlimited grass hays.
Snowball is male, about 7/8 months old and the other one has found home last week.
We truly prefer someone to adopt that has some experience in raising bunnies. But, for who would like to give it a try and has never raised rabbits as pets, please let me know and I can help you and guide you through with everything you need to know about them.
Contact Information:
Gabby, Phone: 15026840061

Shanghai November 19, 2014
This poor little bunny was found by my friend’s husband in a park nearby his home on October 20. The little bunny was running scared to death and luckily he managed to catch him and bring him home.
Next day, he took him to the exotic vet doctor for a check up. Turns out the bunny has fungus, which is a very common disease that can be treated. Right now, he's half way recovered, has weekly vet check ups and he’s just extremely happy to be alive. We called him Beibei, he’s a male, about 3 months old.
Beibei sure is a sweetheart, he's simply adorable and a loving bunny. He definitely deserves a better life, a responsible and loving home. It really breaks our hearts that we can't keep him, I have 2 bunnies on my own and my friends have one as well. The new owner is going to be very lucky to have him as a new addition to family.
We truly prefer someone to adopt that has some experience in raising bunnies. But, for who would like to give it a try and has never raised rabbits as pets, please let me know and I can help you and guide you through with everything you need to know about them.
Contact Information:
Phone: 15026840061

Beijing November 19, 2014

I´m 4 years old male German Shepard. My nick name is “Big softy” as I am very gently but still playful. A colon obstruction surgery was done 3 years ago. 4 inches off my colon was cut off. But now I´m fully recovered.
Exercise, long walks, being able to run. Special diet because I have to lose weight. A good grooming and brush a couple of times a week.
Run, play, long walks, other dogs, attention and a warm loving home!

Contact Information:
Camilla at TACN
Mobile: 18311241633

Image Beijing November 19, 2014

Mary is about 6 months old, she was rescued by a kind lady in her compound. Her coat is ginger and white which makes her very beautiful. She is very nice and likes to play.
Mary is vaccined, dewormed and neutered.

Contact Information:
SOHO hospital

Image Beijing November 19, 2014

Feizai is about 1 year old, very easy-going ginger-white boy, both friendly with human and other cats. One kind lady found him in her compound and rescued him. He loves to be petted which makes him a very good friend for your families, especially for your kids.
Feizai has been vaccined, dewormed and neutered.

Contact Information:
SOHO hospital

Guangzhou November 10, 2014

I’m a good boy, my name is cola. The original owner abandoned me, but luckli the Cissy rescued me and sent me to see the vet. I survived from distemper and fracture, and now I'm strong …

I already got all the vaccinations, also deworming medicine and flea medicine I need.

Now I need a home, a new master loves me. I will love her/him very much, and be loyal to him (her).

Please contact my rescuer Cissy if you are interested with me. Her WeChat is Cissylove1206

Beijing December 10, 2014

Huhu is a very easy-going ginger boy, both friendly with human and other cats. He doesn’t bite or scratch at all which makes him a very good friend for your families, especially for your kids.
HuHu is about 8 months old. He has been vaccined, dewormed and neutered.

Contact Information:
Phone: 18911705050

Image Guangzhou November 10, 2014

This dog was found on Wednesday evening, November 5th. It was about 22:00 that evening, on Haiye Road which is near Jinsui Road and Machang Road.
He is about 1-2 years old, blonde-colored terrier mix. His weight is 6 kg. He is sweet, house-trained and never barks.
There is collar on neck but without tags or microchip identification. If you know this dog or interested to adopt him, please contact as below.

Contact Information:
Tel: 189-2873-8078 (Mr.) or
Doctors Beck & Stone Guangzhou Hospital: 020-28382960

Shanghai November 04, 2014

Clover & Crimson are 2 rabbits who would be boarded in Doctors Beck & Stone on Sep 30.
Unexpectedly Crimson gave birth on her way to the hospital. The owner was so supervised because she even didn’t know Crimson was pregnant. But now she has already been a mother of 5 babies!
The owner can’t afford so many gifts and asked us to find new homes for the bunnies during the boarding.
Now this family have spent a wonderful time in Doctors Beck & Stone for nearly 1 month. 3 of the them have joined new families, and the rest two will go home with their parents to wait for adoption!

Contact Information:
Ms Beth Strayer

Shanghai October 22, 2014

My dog got lost recently in our compound Fute village 5. You can find what do she look like in the pictures.
She is very kind and you won't feel uncomfortable when you meet her. So please help keep her temperately or tell me any information about her, thank you in advance!

Contact Information:
Mr. Guan
Tel: 185 2135 2716

Beijing October 14, 2014

Little stray kitten, male neuter, about 1 year or younger, updated to vaccination and deepened. Teeth extraction performed for severe stomatitis. I can't bring him back home as My son is allergy for cat dander, and I can't return him to wild as he lost his weapon teeth. I'd love to know if anyone can keep him home and I promise to provide all the cost for his lifetime or maybe a boarding family is OK.

Contact Information:

Beijing October 14, 2014

- She is a female dog, between 4 and 5 months old
- Found near the U.S. Embassy in Liangmaqiao
- Very well taken care of; sleeps through the night; loves walking, chasing leaves and playing fetch with her toys, and is very well behaved on walks
- Has been vaccinated, dewormed, and is in excellent health; have Beijing immunity certificate for registration

Contact Information:
Courtney Mazzone
Tel: 13910470881

Beijing October 11, 2014

Hi there, I’m Piper, an one-year old girl.
I was abandoned in Yuyuantan Park a month ago. I waited and waited for weeks but my “ex-human” never came back. I was heart-broken and scared. I didn’t want to eat anything and was almost starved to death, until my rescuers saved me on Sep 26. They got me dewormed, spayed and soon to be vaccinated.
I’m perfectly healthy, well-behaved, sticky and quiet. I’m staying at foster home and looking for a new home, where I can follow my new human around, lick them, hug them, and love them forever.

Contact Information:
Demi Zhang
Phone: 136 4193 9327

Shanghai October 11, 2014

Phiebie, a very special dog with a unique story. She was found about 4 weeks ago by a German student near a night food market in Hongkou district. Phiebie was very skinny, her gums where white from her poor nutrition, she had a broken hip, and she had worms and flea. At this time she was not able to walk even few meters. Once the student brought her to the Dr. Beck and Stone hospital in Pudong , we discovered Phiebie was also pregnant with five puppies. Sadly due to her poor nutrition she had surgery to remove the puppies. We have been able to get donations for 6600 Yuan ( a part of the donations were covered by an amazing class of 7 and 10 year-old kids that have golden hearts and did house work in order to have the parents support them and donate for Phiebe's medical care) to cover the medical bills for her.
Now, 3 weeks after her surgery Phiebie is feeling better. She can walk without problems but she would still need a hip surgery which would fix the old injury. We are able to pay for the surgery if she needs it in 1-2 moths.
Right now we are URGENTLY seeking a a forever home for Phiebie since her rescuer went back for good to Germany on 27th of September and Phiebe is currently staying in a foster home. Phiebie is such a loving and quiet dog that enjoys being stroked and hugged. The worms and flea are gone and she's received her 1st vaccination already. We think she might have had a previous owner as she knows how to behave on a leash. She is around two years old and has been treated so she can no longer have babies. Phiebe is an amazing dog who would appreciate every little thing you do for her. She went through a lot and knows how hard the life can be. She is absolutely a dream dog for every family who would love her as much as she deserves to be loved.

Contact Information:
Mail of Melissa:
Wechat of Agnieszka Burza: Agnieszka100
Phone of Gabby: 15026840061

Image Shanghai Octorber 09, 2014

It is Sooty. She came to us as a stray when she was about 2 months old and is a really lovely cat now coming up 11 months.
Now she need to find a new home.

Contact Information:
Tel: 13817730021

Image Shanghai October 08, 2014

Hi, my name is Coco and I am 5 months old. I got lost somewhere on Jian He Lu. Totally scared and exhausted, I eventually hid underneath the trolleys at Pines where my rescuer found me. I have been taken to the vet for shots, deworming, etc. In a week or two my eye lids will get operated. I have Cherry Eyes (third eye lid), very common with small dogs. The operation costs are already covered for!
I am desperately looking for a new home with people who will cuddle me, play with me and just take good care of me.

Contact Information:
Iris (German and English): 15800913214 or
Britta (French, Chinese, German, Englisch): 13636625172

Beijing September 26, 2014

Seven is a 2 years old male dog rescued from a public toilet where he was staying on piece of card board. He was very scared and had been much abused and due to this his right back leg was injured. Seven was taken to the vet for a checkup and the conclusion was that the leg had to be amputated.
Seven is a brave little dog who deserves a loving and forever home. He is very gentle and loves to cuddle. He have had a very tough life with no love. But he still trust and love humans and other dogs and cats. He is a very easy going dog and if you give him your love and trust he will follow you forever. Seven trots along great on his three legs. Now he healthy, eats and drinks normally. He has already been fully vaccinated and neutered. Oh, yes, weight is 8.5 kg.

Contact Information:
Camilla Larsson
Tel: 183 1124 1633

Beijing September 25, 2014

This dog is a rescued boy, about 3 or 4 years old. Now his one month behavior training will be completed on till 6th Oct 2014. And his story:
In early August 2014, four trucks loaded with hundreds of dogs were stopped by police force on the highway from Beijing to Harbin. They were being taken to the northeastern part of the country, planned to be sold to restaurants.
Luckily enough they were rescued and transferred to shelters and vets in the surrounding cities including Beijing. This dog in the below picture is one of the survivors.
Upon recovery he was vaccinated and sent to a professional pet training school (ZOOLOOK) for a one-month session, to get prepared with basic skills in order to find a permanent home for the rest of his life.
Prior to the training he was a bit sensitive to certain gestures probably due to the ill treatment he had received. After only two weeks of socialization, he has become very relaxed around human beings, attentive to calling and eager to be close to people. Very actively he would sit, lean over or even lie down and show his belly to ask for treats or pamper. He shows no aggression to his canine fellows, nor cats, horses or even birds. Luckily barking is not his cup of tea either.
With two more weeks to go, it is quite positive that he will be graduating with great scores. By then, he will be very much in need of a loving home.
Upon his graduation in early October, his potential adopting family will be offered with two sessions of owner & dog training class. Being a part of the training package, it aims to help both the dog and his owner to open their new chapter together.
The prime criteria for an adopting family would be that they love dog, and cherish him no matter what.
"Give him a name, give him a life."

Contact Information:
Esther Yang
Mobile: (+86)139 1028 5373
WeChat: esther3377

Beijing September 22, 2014

We are the family of Baqi and Gizmo. Here we send you the pictures of Toto. We found Toto in the park at Central Park, where she was abandoned by some neighbor. She is a female rabbit, quite young but growing fast.
We have bought her a cage, where she spends most of her time, but she loves to enjoy some daily free time out of the cage and exercise her body. Like most pets, she needs the basic care of cleaning her cage and making sure she always has water and food. She likes to drink water and eat dry grass.
We are looking to move out by the end of the year and cannot take Toto out of the country with us. We would be most grateful if somebody likes rabbits (as pets) and would like to adopt Toto.

Contact Information:
Ignacio: 13911352829
Yun: 13126856254

Beijing September 22, 2014

They are playful puppies!
The mommy dog name is Hua Hua, about one year old female dog with her litter 5 puppies, available for adoption now. Puppies are all healthy and just over 2 months old. When they were rescued, Hua Hua raised 5 puppies hardly with bare food. They currently are living in a less than ideal location. Gentle tempered and friendly, they really enjoy being around people. Smart, sensible and obedient, they are perfect dogs ready to join a new family.

Contact Information:
Ms Yang
Tel: 136-8144-3701

Beijing September 22, 2014

Sweetie, smart and sensible, one year old mother cat and her children available for adoption.
A special leader of her cat community, she was found skinny and malnourished wandering around the neighborhood. Before being neutered and immunized, she was raising her little of 6 kittens by herself. Eventually they were rescued and taken to a temporary location. At this time, her and her 6 kittens (all under 4 months) are living in a small cage in a basement with minimal lighting and the freedom to wander. They are all waiting to join nice families!

Contact Information:
Ms Yang
Tel: 136-8144-3701 (available for WeChat)

Shanghai September 17, 2014

The name of the dog is Khaleesi. She got lost from No. 491 Nanjing Road west (near Chengdou Road) on 24th August. Khaleesi is a very timid and "easy to scare" dog, so she might be hiding somewhere in Jing An District or have been taken to some vet hospital if she had an accident in the streets of Shanghai. Her rescuer and adopter are desperately looking for her, so please help look for and forward.

Contact Information:
Phone: 136 3649 6374

Beijing September 15, 2014

A lovely girl was abandoned by her previous owner and now is looking for a permanent home. She is healthy and cute, about four months old.

Contact Information:
Ms. Ou Nan
Tel: 13810758202

Shanghai September 9, 2014

Does she look like Snow White in fairy tales?
Princess is 5 months old, neutered. She is in good shape and weight is 2.1kg. She is sweety and nice, a little shy, but she will prefer to stay all the time with you once familar. Everyone will fall in love the time seeing her. Who will provide her a long time home?

Contact Information:
Shanghai Pudong Hospital
Tel: 021-51353091

Beijing September 9, 2014

Aidan is a four month-old handsome boy with long hair.
Aidan is quiet and gentle personality, so yes, a little bit timid, but will warm up when cuddled by children. He loves that! He just needs some time to get used to new people and a new environment.
Aidan is litter box trained and eats well. He would do best when his new family is willing to spend lots of time with him at the beginning for a smooth adjustment and a lifetime of trust.

Contact Information:
Serena (Shunyi area)

Shanghai September 5, 2014

This is my cat, he is 8 months old, has got vaccined. He is a little fat but lovely, sweety and prefer to stayed with people all the time.
I love him but I really has no time to take care of him because of heavy work and frequently business trip.

Contact Information:
Phone: 13917946757

September 4, 2014

Patton, male, 1 years old. He is a fluffy gentlemen with very cute face. He used to live in a wealthy Chinese family, but was dumped because of owner’s pregnancy.
Patton has got vaccined and neutered, also toilet trained. He is super friendly and whenever you touch his big head, he’ll snore toward you and rub your hand with his head. He’s very easy going and a wonderful family pet for you!

Contact Information:
Phone: 18911705050

Image Shanghai August 25, 2014

Coconut is a friendly 1 yo white domestic rabbit. Her family is relocating overseas and they are unable to take her with them. So she need find a new home now.

Contact Information:
Doctors Beck & Stone MH hospital
Tel: 021-64029226

Beijing August, 2014
Lou was abandoned on the street when he was a baby, and found by a nice neighbor who gave him a home. Unfortunately she is very busy with work and wants to find Lou a better home where he can roam about and play.
Personality: Lou has a lot of energy and loves attention. He likes to follow people around. He loves to be petted on the head, especially around the nose and behind his ears. If you sit on the couch he will come and nudge your hand to get some love.
Ideal home: Lou is sociable and friendly, and he'd love to have more company so ideally you should have time to play with him, and room for him to run around.
Sex & Age: male rabbit and about 1 year and 4 months old.
Medical notes: Lou is not spayed. If you have another rabbit you should spay Lou.
Extras: Lou comes with a big pink cage and food and water dishes. (He won't drink from a water bottle but dish.)

Contact information: 

Jess on WeChat at jmrapp19 or by text at 1861401125

Shanghai August 18, 2014

Ms Li rescued several kittens one and half months ago and the left is one of them. Their mother lost her life when they were very young even not open their eyes.
Now it is time for adoption, hope their foster will give her love and a long time home.

Contact Information:
Ms Li
QQ: 308083598

Image Shanghai August 15, 2014

Coconut is 1 year old female rabbit, friendly and very good with children. Now the owners are relocating back to America, and they are in need of some help to have Coconut rehomed in Shanghai. They live in Pudong, so it will be more convenient to have the rehoming take place in Pudong, but Puxi will also be OK.

Contact Information:

Image Shenzhen August 14, 2014

I lost my dog called "LUCKY" last February 8 , 2014 in Shenzhen, Futian around Fumin Road and would appeciate if you can help me find my dog or if you have any advice. The pet shop in Futian lost my dog and I still keep looking when I have time.I attached the photo.

Contact Information:
Marco Hildebrand Lozano
Phone: 852-6163-4232


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